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a week in the bush: vol 5

by Sabi Sabi on April 16, 2014

Us as Guides have an almost ‘love/hate’ relationship when it comes to taking leave. Most of us work incredibly hard 7 days a week for 6 weeks at a time and have our weekends consolidated into two weeks of uninterrupted leave. Now this well-deserved and usually very much appreciated, however there is one problem with this whole thing…a lot can happen in two weeks.

During my absence from the reserve I followed the social media platforms daily to find out what was going on in the reserve and I was really happy to see that there was a lot of activity regarding the Southern Pride. We still don’t know what has happened to the cubs, although we presume them dead, or whether or not Mandleve/Floppy Ear has had a litter yet. She does look to be lactating heavily. Needless to say I was quite excited to get back to this place I am so attached to, Sabi Sabi, my home. Upon my return to the field I was not met immediately with the lions I was expecting to see, instead we were all in for a very big treat.

We had a massive breeding herd of buffalo come down from the north in search of better grazing, a common occurrence during the winter months, with the herds sometimes numbering a thousand animals. This in itself was fantastic as we took our guests into the middle of the herds to be surrounded by hundreds of feeding animals. Some witnessed births, while others saw prime bulls clashing in order to gain stature and mating opportunities. It was an amazing experience.

Buffalo Breeding Herd

Buffalo Breeding Herd

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lance’s cycle highlights: march

Thumbnail image for lance’s cycle highlights: march by Sabi Sabi April 8, 2014

Another cycle down and one-step closer to driving. The past month has been full of interesting and exciting moments in preparation to receiving my epaulets and becoming a Sabi Sabi ranger. The month started off with myself and the other trainees driving roads and finishing off our workbooks. During this cycle I have spent a [...]

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highlights: march 2014

Thumbnail image for highlights: march 2014 by Sabi Sabi April 8, 2014

This is a collection of images that we feel are highlights of the month of March 2014. Some are amazing pictures and some are rare sightings or even exciting events at the lodges. Enjoy our highlights of the month.

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fight or flight

Thumbnail image for fight or flight by Sabi Sabi April 3, 2014

Being a mother comes with a huge amount of responsibility, especially in the African bush where a leopardess`s solitary existence puts huge pressure not only on her own life but also that of her offspring. There comes a time when even being at the top of the food chain, a decision has to be made [...]

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warthog wallow fails to feed her cub

Thumbnail image for warthog wallow fails to feed her cub by Sabi Sabi April 2, 2014

It was a very hot and dry afternoon; we were out on safari with one thing in mind, to find the elusive leopard! Try as we may throughout the safari there were no tracks to be found, I soon realised it was too hot out for a leopard to be walking around. We spent our [...]

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southern pride update

Thumbnail image for southern pride update by Sabi Sabi March 31, 2014

The story of the Southern Pride is an ever-evolving masterpiece of nature. I have mentioned on a number of occasions that nature is all about the good, the bad and the ugly and without these three factors the entire system will fall apart. The Southern Pride is not immune to this and over the past [...]

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a week in the bush: vol 4

Thumbnail image for a week in the bush: vol 4 by Sabi Sabi March 25, 2014

The Southern African wilderness is unbelievably diverse in terms of the array of life found within it, from the smallest of insects to the world’s largest land mammal. As a guest to our country it is sometimes so easy to overlook the smaller details when on a safari, especially when confronted with the infamous and [...]

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lioness and a hare

Thumbnail image for lioness and a hare by Sabi Sabi March 20, 2014

The afternoon scene was set like that out of a movie. The dark clouds rising up and up with lightening striking the outskirts of the clouds like a faulty light bulb. The storm was near and rolling in from the west, the humidity was increasing every minute the storm continued to approach Sabi Sabi. Our [...]

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a week in the bush: vol 3

Thumbnail image for a week in the bush: vol 3 by Sabi Sabi March 19, 2014

The heavy rains have lifted and the bush, with its thirst quenched, is returning to business as usual. There has been a lot of action on the reserve this week with guests being treated to some really amazing sightings, but not without just a hint of sadness to darken the mood. There is a saying [...]

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survival of the cubs

Thumbnail image for survival of the cubs by Sabi Sabi March 14, 2014

You would think that being the offspring of the king of the savannah that life would be easy. Just like their prey and competitors, this wonderful landscape can be brutal and unforgiving. Sadly being born into royalty comes with its perils and I believe that the current batches of Southern Pride cubs are in a [...]

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