martial eagle kill

I was driving my guests from Little Bush Camp along Aardvark Road when we noticed a large raptor sitting in a Knobthorn Tree next to the road. On closer inspection it was determined that it was in fact a juvenile martial eagle. Whilst explaining a bit about the eagle and how it has been known, due to its size, to prey on baby impala, vervet monkeys and the odd maltese poodle, it suddenly took off at a rate of knots and swooped very low over the open area to our left.

Whilst admiring the raptor in the tree we had failed to notice that a side-striped jackal pup had wandered out of its den and was on the way to becoming the martial eagle's breakfast.

martial eagle in flight at sabi sabi

With incredible force and a thud, the eagle smashed into the jackal pup right in front of our eyes and proceeded to fly a short distance where it landed atop a small bush. All the excitement had attracted a large variety of smaller birds which congregated around the eagle and began mobbing it. This eventually became too much for the eagle and it politely dropped the pup and flew off to a larger tree nearby.

I made my way on foot to have a closer look to see how the pup was holding up but it was clear that it had unfortunately learnt the hard lesson of never leaving the den unattended. We left and upon returning later both eagle and pup were gone.

by: trevor milton - little bush camp ranger

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