it's a cruel, crazy, beautiful, world - brett heasman

As we were finishing our sundowners while watching the sun setting, a sighting was called in over the radio. So we quickly packed up and set off. My guests had no idea what was in store for them! As we arrived at the sighting we spotted a young male leopard. My guests were thrilled as this was the last of the Big 5 for them. All of a sudden this young male leopard started stalking a herd of impala. It took him some time to get close, and the sun had already set. It was pitch black, our lights were off, and all that we could see were the stars in the sky and hear the noises of the bush.

Suddenly we heard a rustle, so we turned on the lights and found that the impala had fled; the reason for this was a hyena that had disturbed the hunt for the leopard. Immediately the leopard started making his way towards another herd of impala - at this time I had told my guests that the chances of him hunting again and being successful were very slim, as the impala were aware of both him and the hyena. So once again we allowed nature to take its course and turned off the lights. We assumed that the leopard was behind a termite mound which was in front of us and the impala were on our right. The impala started making alarm calls so we thought he had been busted. We once again turned on the lights to see if we could find the leopard; but he had disappeared. I then told my guests it was time to move on and head home, so I started making my way back through the bush to the road.


All of a sudden a loud noise on my side of the vehicle; an impala had been caught by the leopard! The leopard started to suffocate the impala by biting into her jugular. The chances of seeing a leopard making a kill right next to you is unbelievably rare! Then, out of nowhere, the hyena appeared. The leopard saw the hyena and he tried to bolt towards the tree in order to save his kill. Unfortunately for him the impala managed to kick which led to him dropping his prey and he then headed up the tree. The hyena then quickly gripped the impala which ended the battle. This is nature and we cannot interfere.

My guests and myself were absolutely astounded, a sighting that will be talked about forever. This is the circle of life, only the strong will survive.

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