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sabi sabi 29th october - 4th november sightings

This week saw a change in the temperatures and many more overcast days. With all the cloud cover we finally had our first substantial rains of the season - 32mm. This caused an immediate flush of green shoots. A further indication that the rainy season is well on its way was the first sighting of a newborn impala lamb this week. General game continues to enthrall and many of the giraffe and zebra herds have become somewhat more resident. The more rare species have also made their appearances with sightings of reedbuck, klipspringer and serval. The rainy season is also bringing more and more seasonal migrant birds back to our reserve, with the most recent sighting being the first returning Jacobin Cuckoos.


The Southern Pride is now spending 85 - 90% of its time on Sabi Sabi and is still making many kills. These have included yet another buffalo kill and a multiple kill of 3 wildebeest. One of the marauding Kruger males was also seen mating with one of the Southern Pride females, which could produce the first newborn cubs in a while. 12 sightings this week.


The leopard sightings this week have mostly occurred on the northern half of our reserve. This is obviously due to the increased activity of lions in the south. Leopards have not disappointed with their kills, which have included kudu and bushbuck. 12 sightings this week.


Some majestic large bulls have been frequenting the southern section of the reserve with scattered breeding herds in the north. 20 sightings this week.


Once again we have seen white rhino in abundance and Sabi Sabi continually proves that it holds one of the highest rhino densities in Africa. This week of wonderful rhino viewings was capped off with one of the most quality black rhino sightings in ages. 24 sightings this week.


Large breeding herds of up to 300 have remained resident in the southern section of Sabi Sabi, unusual for this late in the year. These vast numbers have spurred the lions into increased hunting activity. A few impressive old buffalo bulls have also been living out their days within small territories in the northern parts of the reserve. 11 sightings this week.

wild dog

The diminished pack of 6 has left us with a peppering of sightings. We witnessed a few high speed chases ending in the usual high percentage of kills of mostly small to medium sized antelope of all species. 3 sightings this week.

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