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october 2009
sabi sabi 04-11 october sightings

The temperatures have been soaring into the upper 20's and often surpassing the 30 degree mark! No sign of rain yet although we have had overcast days. The bush is buzzing with excitement and we had excellent sightings last week. General game is good and birding is fantastic! We have been watching weavers build their nests and a variety of other species in breeding plumage. An African Spoonbill was seen flying over the river, a melanistic Gabar Goshawk has been spotted a few times, we saw an African Cuckoo and a good sighting of White-Fronted Bea-Eaters was recorded.


A lot of excitement with the lions as our resident pride continues to ravage the poor buffalo population. They killed 2 buffalo bulls last week. We have also had sightings of 2 males, which looked to be approximately 5 years old. They have moved down from further north and it seems they may be looking for a territory. 25 sightings last week!


With the heavy presence of lions, the leopard sightings have been slightly fewer than normal, but our guests are still seeing at least one leopard per day! 17 sightings.


The large herds seem to have moved closer to the rivers. We had one sighting of a very large breeding herd last week as well as many good sightings of groups of bulls around the muddy pans. 13 sightings.

white rhino

37 sightings. There are large concentrations at Sabi Sabi as the rhino move towards the crests in the search for the last remaining nutritious grasses. We also had good sightings of rhino wallowing in mud holes.


The number of elephants moving through the reserve has been astounding. We had 35 sightings, with most of them being of breeding herds. One herd numbered at least 90 individuals with young in tow. We have also had fantastic sightings of very small (maybe a week old) calves as well as some massive tuskers!

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