safari bush sightings

september 2009
sabi sabi 21-27 september sightings

Very busy game drives this past week with numerous phenomenal cat sightings. The general game viewing has been good with the herbivores moving up the slopes away from the main rivers for food.


We had two prides on the reserve last week. There was one very large black-maned lion with a young male and female in attendance. They killed a female buffalo and fed on the carcass for most of the week. The Southern Pride was also on Sabi Sabi for a several days and we were lucky enough to witness them killing a wildebeest in the mid morning. 12 lion sightings last week.


Exciting leopard sightings: We have been watching a female with her a six week old cub on a rocky ridge on the Lisbon sector. The cub is still very nervous but is relaxing gradually and becoming used to game-viewing vehicles. Some of our guests watched as a young male leopard killed a duiker. In addition, for the past two days a female and male have been spotted on numerous occasions mating in a river bed. 23 exceptional sightings last week.


There is constant nervous tension in the herds as the Southern Pride of lions has been following the big breeding herds and killing the stragglers. We have also seen small groups of bulls. 13 sightings.

white rhino

20 sightings. Great sightings of rhino with small calves and good interactions between different groups of rhino.


16 sightings in the last week. The antics of the young elephant calves constantly entertain guests and guides alike. There are also great sightings at the waterholes in front of the lodges as the herds congregate to quench their thirst.

wild dog

3 seperate sightings of a pack of 3.

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