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august 2009
sabi sabi 08-14 august sightings

We had excellent game viewing again last week with many excellent leopard sightings. The Sabi Sands released 220 wildebeest onto the reserve and a large portion of them have seemed to enjoy our open areas and have taken up residency at Sabi Sabi. The wild dogs took some time out of caring for their young pups in their den to our North and spent some time hunting on our reserve.


7 really quality sightings this week. The pride killed a waterbuck close to Little Bush Camp and spent some in the area.  Great photo opportunities for our guests.


It seemed this week that with less lion activity we had greater leopard viewing!  23 sightings of leopard, with 3 sightings of leopards on an impala kill.  We were excited to see a new male leopard at Sabi Sabi.  He killed a sub-adult kudu close to Selati Camp.


13 sightings of buffalo this week, including several sightings of small herds.

white rhino

24 sightings.  As the weather warms up we have been watching the rhino enjoy a good wallow in the mud!  The calf on the airstrip continues to dominate all attention with her playful antics!


The herds continue to provide great safari experiences as they move around the reserve looking for water.  The young males entertain guests with their mock battles and the calves with their rambunctious behaviour are great fun to watch.  25 sightings.

wild dog

3 sightings of a pack of 3.

unusual sightings

6 sightings of honey badger!

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