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august 2009
sabi sabi 01-07 august sightings

The weather is warming up and we are beginning to see evidence of the seasons changing.  The knobthorn trees are in flower, albeit early - and the lesser striped swallows have arrived and are busy assessing spots to build their clay nests!


The lions have spent a lot of time on the Sabi Sabi Reserve this month.  They are beginning to explore the northern territories in greater earnest, seeming to sense a lack of lion prides there.  However, there is very little game to the immediate north of Sabi Sabi and they will in all likelihood remain “home” where the herds of wildebeest roam. 16 sightings.


14 sightings.  The leopards are as ever proving to be reliable and we have had good sightings.  Unfortunately we have not seen the cubs for a while and fear they may have been killed.


We have been seeing one or two small herds possibly fragments from a larger breeding herd, as well as the always impressive “Dagga Bulls”.  18 sightings this week.

white rhino

21 sightings.  There have been regular viewings of a young calf (only about 1 month old) close to the Sabi Sabi airstrip.  She has proved to be very popular with her playful antics!


23 sightings this week.  We are seeing larger herds as they move between the Sand and Sabi rivers.

unusual sightings

1 civet was spotted last week.

3 sightings of honey badgers.

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