safari bush sightings

july 2009
sabi sabi 19-25 july sightings

More exciting game viewing last week with great viewing of all the cats!!


Some guests were lucky enough to watch as the lions pulled down a struggling wildebeest. The young lions in the pride were ravenous and managed to get a few bites before the dominant male took over!  10 sightings.


13 sightings.  Great sightings of leopards as they move through the short winter grass.  They are often active during the day in the cool weather.  We were able to watch as one male dragged a kill for a long distance before stashing it under a thick bush.


Good sightings as usual of the bulls wallowing in the mud wallows.  16 sightings last week.

white rhino

We have been seeing a lot of rhino especially on the Lisbon section of Sabi Sabi.  We have also had regular viewings of 2 very small calves with their mothers!  26 sightings.


Sabi Sabi is teeming with elephants.  We are viewing herds with young babies, small bachelor groups and solitary bulls!  35 sightings this week.

wild dog

One sighting of a pack of three killing an impala!


A fantastic sighting of a male cheetah hunting, stalking and successfully killing a duiker!

unusual sightings

A serval was spotted last week

2 sightings of honey badger

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