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july 2009
sabi sabi 14-21 july sightings

Yet another great week of game viewing, with a conference group being treated to some amazing animal interactions.  In the animal world it was a bloody week with 7 recorded kills!  Also a fantastic cheetah sighting.


14 sightings.  We watched as the Southern lion pride killed a young buffalo and remained in the area for a number of days!  After that we also witnessed them killing a Wildebeest.  Aside from the Southern pride we have on two occasions seen two unknown females with 3 cubs each.  We will be watching their progress and will report back.


Excellent Leopard sightings.  The short grass and sparse foliage has allowed us to locate them a lot more easily.  We have on several occasions seen two females with cubs.  We watched two impala kills and one bushbuck kill!  There have also been many kills found in trees.  17 sightings last week.


The breeding herds have been elusive ever since the lions killed a bull buffalo, however we have had many sightings of groups of “dagga boys”, the impressive older bulls.  8 sightings this week.

white rhino

Good sightings, especially near Earth Lodge.  We have been seeing two new calves, each about two months old.  15 sightings.


27 fantastic sightings of large herds moving on the reserve.


2 cheetah sightings last week including a great sighting of a male cheetah killing an impala right in front of guests out on a drive.

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