safari bush sightings

june 2009
sabi sabi 23-28 june sightings

What a week!The predators have been out in full force!Any lover of the elusive cats (who isn’t?!) would have been in paradise this week with one vehicle seeing all three spotted cats - leopard, cheetah and serval in one drive!A fire contained in the border of the reserve kept some of the larger herds of game out of the area at the start of the week, but as the wind has died down, tha smell of smoke has been dampened and they are returning.


The Southern Pride was chased off the reserve by a breeding herd of elephants mid-week: but there were 12 sightings at the start and then again at the end of the week.The pride has spent this week carrying at least 250 kgs of extra weight between them as they’ve gorged themselves on a female wildebeest, a water buck and a male kudu.


One young male stole the show this week!Positioned just 50 meters from the Bush Lodge waterhole, with a female impala kill stashed in a Jackal Berry tree, he kept us all spellbound as he ate, slept, drank and hid from hyaenas for 4 days straight!Quite a life style!Guests at Selati Camp were also in luck as a female leopard with her 2 cubs (just 2 ½ months old) also made a kill close to the camp.It’s the first time in a month the cubs have been seen, and as the mother’s last litter of three were unsuccessful we watch her with anticipation.10 sightings this week.


A couple of breeding herds with young calves have been circling through the reserve this week with patient bulls in hot pursuit.12 quality sightings this week.


More sightings of the unusually relaxed mother and tiny calf have dominated the talk concerning these prehistoric beasts.She has been concentrating most of her activity close to our airstrip, with its open landscape allowing quality sightings of the pair from a respectful distance.15 sightings this week.


The imposing Dagga Boys have been spotted moving through the bush this week.Constantly sparing and establishing hierarchy as they go, they wait in anticipation for the arrival of the next breeding herd onto the Sabi Sabi plains.12 sightings this week.


A changing habitat and over-specialisation has made life difficult for these visually stunning cats.  As a result, any sighting is treated like gold as these cats numbers continue to dwindle in the wild.Guests and rangers watched in awe as a male cheetah spent three days moving around Sabi Sabi this week, surveying the surroundings from various vantage points in stunning poses - providing unreal photographic opportunities for all present.The cheetah’s stay culminated in the successful kill of a young nyala outside Earth Lodge.As the lions were elsewhere during the middle of the week, he ate his prize at leisure over a 12-hour period.Then, when he was content, he vanished, like only the cats know how.

wild dog

Our luck with the dogs continued this week with a hunting party spending 12 hours moving across our reserve killing impala as they went.Spotted just before dark at the end of the week the focus the following morning was on relocating them.One successful ranger found the pack close to Selati Camp and many guests were treated to a first-hand view of their successful kill of a female impala - only to see it stolen from them by a small clan of spotted hyaenas seconds later!

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