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june 2009
sabi sabi 16-22 june sightings

Yet again the game viewing in the now rapidly drying lowveld had been fantastic.  The leopard population stole the limelight this week as their larger cousins, the lions, spent some time on a kill.  The larger elephant herds have been replaced by sociable bulls, as have the buffalo breeding herds been replaced by herds of older bulls.  Some special sightings: - 4 ground hornbills seen from the viewing deck at Bush lodge - and out in the bush, a female serval with 3 cubs, have thrilled guests and rangers alike.


Our Southern Pride of 16 has still been dominating other prides in the area.  After spending some time on a kill in thick bush, they rewarded patient guests and rangers with a spectacular hunt in the open during the early morning.  Failing to bring down the zebra they were hunting (and with one female being kicked in the process) they made a meal of a warthog fleeing the scene.  The following afternoon a second “snack” ensued as a male impala succumbed to their skills.  Seven sightings this week.


With over 20 different sightings of leopard this week, guests have been rewarded with amazing sightings of these incredible cats.  Within one game drive a female and at the same time a male displayed their own separate impala kills providing some unforgettable memories of their unique behaviour.


Some extremely large, impressive bull elephants have been seen quietly roaming the reserve this week.  Regularly making visits to the watering holes and riverbeds at all 4 camps, these bulls have been providing some entertainment during lunches and afternoon teas that only could be found in Africa! 21 sightings this week.

white rhino

Again the Rhino have been extremely active this week, being seen on 25 separate occasions.  However, a new addition to the rhino population in the southern section of Sabi Sabi turned heads this week - a young female, no more than 4 days old, with her mother!  Usually extremely shy and skittish with such a small calf, the mother surprised rangers by being unusually relaxed but alert, much to everyone’s delight.


One breeding herd numbering approximately 250 was on the reserve this week. Guests staying at Selati were given a real treat as the buffalo spent a whole day drinking, eating and relaxing at the lodge waterhole.  Large bulls continue to be seen in and around the still-green drainage lines, enjoying what is left of the longer grasses.  27 sightings this week.

interesting sightings

4 ground hornbills close to Bush Lodge

A female serval with 3 young cubs

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