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june 2009
sabi sabi 08-15 june sightings

Excellent game-viewing last week; the prevailing dry period is forcing the animals to move further away from the Sabi and Sand rivers into areas of the reserve where there is more favourable grazing.  The Southern lion pride is extending its range and spending more time at Sabi Sabi.


8 sightings last week of the Southern pride - unfortunately with one cub less.  The pride had moved east and encountered the Charleston pride in their territory. In the resulting fight, one of the Southern pride’s cubs was killed and one of the Charleston adult females was killed.


The high concentration of leopards has meant that on almost every game drive we encounter several leopards!  We had 25 sightings last week, 4 of which were leopards on kills.  These sightings are creating excellent photo opportunities and memorable experiences for our guests, who are left spell-bound by these beautiful cats!


The huge herds are making good use of the good seasonal grazing that Sabi Sabi is offering.  We are seeing three big herds on the reserve, one of which numbers nearly 400 individuals and the other two numbering about 200 buffalo each.  32 sightings.

white rhino

It appears that more and more rhino are frequenting our open areas and we are seeing a lot of these large pachyderms!  31 sightings.


Beautiful sightings of large herds with their calves - a photographers dream as the elephants are generally at the waterholes when the light is absolutely perfect.  41 sightings.

wild dog

1 brief sighting as a pack moved through the reserve in one morning!

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