safari bush sightings

june 2009
sabi sabi 01-07 june sightings

With the dryer conditions and thinning out of the bush we have been afforded excellent sightings of big game, as well as special smaller sightings such as honey badger, mellers mongoose and serval!


16 sightings last week.  Most sightings were of the Southern pride – with 17 lions.  We have also been seeing a lioness with 2 cubs which moved onto the reserve.  This is a female we haven’t seem before.  The cubs are about 3 months old.  The mother is still fairly secretive but relaxed around the vehicles.  On three separate occasions we watched the larger pride as they dined on a kudu, waterbuck and a zebra!


Good sightings overall, although leopards have been a little more difficult to find because of the large numbers of lion on the reserve.  We had one sighting of a male with an impala kill in a tree, being harassed by some hyaena - very interesting viewing.  10 great sightings last week.


20 sightings last week with large herds on the reserve and the odd sighting of ‘dagga boys’!

white rhino

With the near perfect habitat for white rhino at Sabi Sabi, we are afforded fantastic sightings.  19 sightings.


19 sightings last week.

wild dog

2 incredible sightings and guests watched on both occasions as the dogs hunted impala.

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