safari bush sightings

may 2009
sabi sabi 25-31 may sightings

The lions have been spending a lot of time at Sabi Sabi lately.  This could be due to the prevailing winds emerging off the escarpment and blowing south.  Lions always hunt into the wind so they have been on the northern sections of the reserve most of the time.  While the large numbers of lions make for exceptional viewing, it does somewhat impact our prolific leopard sightings.


9 sightings last week and on most occasions we enjoyed watching them as they hunted.  We did not witness any kills however, but saw proof the following mornings.  All sightings were of the impressive pride of 17 (2 males, 5 females and 10 healthy cubs). We can now clearly see the sexes of the cubs and there seem to be 6 males and 4 females.


12 sightings of leopard.  We saw leopards in trees with kills and attendant hungry hyaena waiting for scraps below!


Excellent sightings of huge herds moving on the reserve, creating some fantastic photo opportunities!  11 sightings.

white rhino

With the short grass and lush shoots pushing through from controlled fires, we have been fortunate to see many rhino.  Mothers with calves and big bulls asserting their authority over territories!  19 sightings last week.


16 sightings last week, herds with youngsters in tow and big bulls on their own!

wild dog

2 great sightings as the wild dogs hunted across the reserve and tested the rangers driving abilities to the limit!


3 sightings of a male on the prowl, looking for a female!

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