safari bush sightings

april 2009
sabi sabi 13-19 april sightings

Incredible sightings last week.  Our guests were treated again to phenomenal safaris of the kind that most people only expect to see on the Discovery Channel!


We had 6 sightings of the Southern Pride of lions ( 2 adult males, 5 females and 10 healthy cubs).  They spent  a lot of time on the reserve following the wildebeest herds.


As usual great leopard sightings.  We have had leopards with cubs, leopards on kills and leopards inter-acting with wild dogs.  20 separate sightings last week.


Good sightings of bulls as they move between feeding grounds and their favourite wallows.  18 sightings.

white rhino

Excellent sightings of rhino.  We have again watched mating rhinos and have seen the results thereof:  a young calf from a previous mating.  31 sightings.


17 sightings.  We are seeing a lot of activity of bulls in the southern section of the reserve and maternal herds in the north.

wild dog

Excitement as always when the wild dogs are at Sabi Sabi, as they are constantly chasing some poor antelope!  10 sightings including having been able to watch as they killed a duiker and impala on separate occasions.


3 sightings of a male cheetah.

unusual sightings

African Rock Python

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