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april 2009
sabi sabi 06-12 april sightings

I have just come back from leave and I am seriously regretting having taken it!!  This week’s sightings have been incredible!  Rangers and guests have watched an African Rock Python eating a duiker; a leopardess was spotted with tiny new cubs and the lions killed a buffalo close to Little Bush Camp.  There was also a wonderful cheetah sighting.


The Southern Pride killed a female buffalo close to Little Bush Camp and provided many hours of interesting observations and good photo opportunities.  11 sightings last week.


 Besides a sighting of a female with 2 three week old cubs there were a further 11 sightings.


14 sightings last week including breeding herds which are once again on the reserve.

white rhino

The grass is getting shorter and as the bush thins out we are getting great rhino sightings.  14 sightings last week.


14 sightings of bulls and maternal groups.

wild dog

Wild Dogs are back with a blast!  8 sightings including 1 Impala kill.  We suspect that they may be denning on the southern section of the reserve close to the Sabi River.  Will keep updating!


1 male cheetah sighting.

unusual sightings

1 civet

2 honey badgers

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