safari bush sightings

march 2009
sabi sabi 23-29 march sightings

The lodges were very busy last week, and we had some great game viewing.  Good lion sightings as the prides made two kills last week.


7 sightings last week.  The cubs are growing bigger every day and starting to get braver at the kills, brazenly taking on the dominant male for their portion of the food.  The lions killed a kudu and a wildebeest and guests were able to watch as they fed.


Some very good sightings of leopards in trees as well as leopards moving through the bush.  13 sightings.


Several groups of bulls last week as they wallowed in their favourite watering holes.  13 Sightings.

white rhino

12 sightings last week including a herd of 8!  Also some good sightings of the new youngster.


13 excellent sightings of mainly breeding herds as they moved through the reserve looking for their favourite food.

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