safari bush sightings

march 2009
sabi sabi 17-23 march sightings

We had some great viewing last week.  As the days get shorter we can definitely feel the change in seasons.  The air is getting crisper and there is a slight chill.  It seems the large herds of elephants and buffalo are also starting to feel the cold and are moving to the higher lying crest areas of Sabi Sabi.


5 sightings last week.  It was good to see a different pride of lions which came in from the north and stayed on the reserve for two days.


We have been spotting leopards close to or on the roads.  Tracking them through the dense grass can be difficult but we still managed 10 quality sightings.


We had two sightings of a large breeding herd moving in the northern section of the reserve.  The rest of the sightings have been of bulls wallowing in mud.  10 sightings.

white rhino

13 rhino sightings last week, including a really good sighting of a calf of about 2 months old!


Good sightings of breeding herds on the reserve, as well as some big bulls close to the camps.  15 sightings.

wild dog

3 sightings.  At one sighting the rangers watched as the dogs killed a young impala ram.

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