safari bush sightings

march 2009
sabi sabi 03-09 march sightings

There were brief sightings of wild dogs last week, and we had some great sightings of lions on a wildebeest kill.  A breeding herd of buffalo also moved onto the reserve.


Great lion viewing last week.  6 sightings altogether, including watching a pride as they fed off a wildebeest that was caught.


Although the bush is quite thick we are still managing good leopard sightings.  9 sightings last week.


A “small” breeding herd of about 200 buffalo came onto Sabi Sabi, offering great viewing opportunities.  12 sightings.

white rhino

Great rhino sightings with good interaction between individuals being witnessed.  28 sightings last week.


We are starting to see a lot more of the breeding herds on the reserve.  29 sightings last week.

wild dog

1 sighting of the pack.

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