safari bush sightings

february 2009
sabi sabi 24 february - 02 march sightings

Good sightings last week with a lot of wild dog and leopard kills.  We have had a lot of rain, over 60 mm, but it did not impact on the guest experience at all!


Good lion sightings.  The Hildas Rock pride is visiting more often now that they have managed to cross the river.  9 sightings last week.


Fantastic leopard sightings as usual.  Last night we had 4 leopards within 100m of each other.  Also this week we saw a male and female on a warthog kill, while another male and female passed by.  19 sightings.


We have been seeing many groups of bulls. 15 sightings last week.

white rhino

26 sightings. The rhino stand taller than the grass so are pretty easy to spot at this stage.


Still a lot of sightings of Bull Elephants, as well as some small herds.  25 sightings last week.

wild dog

8 fantastic sightings, including 3 sightings of the wild dogs killing impala and waterbuck!

unusual sightings

2 x serval

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