safari bush sightings

february 2009
sabi sabi 17-23 february sightings

Fantastic sightings last week.  The lodges were quite full so we had a number of vehicles out on safari.  We had one day of heavy rainfall however this did not impact game viewing at all!


Good sightings last week with some interesting interactions.  It is good to see the Southern pride back on the Sabi Sabi Reserve once again.  9 sightings last week.


We are having regular viewings of a leopardess with her 5 month old cub.  She is quite aggressive but seems to be accepting the vehicles gradually.  13 sightings.


Still lots of sightings of bulls as they wallow in mud holes.  18 sightings.

white rhino

One ranger witnessed white rhino mating, which is a very rare event to see.  We have been having many sightings of these grey behemoths as they graze in the open clearings.  27 sightings!


Still good elephant sightings with most of our sightings last week being of the big bull elephants.  We have also had sightings of some small breeding herds.  30 sightings last week.

wild dog

Yup they are back and striking fear into the impala population, 2 great sightings and on one we were able to watch as they killed a young wildebeest.

unusual sightings

A male black rhino was spotted for a short while before it dashed off into thick bush where we unable to follow!!

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