safari bush sightings

february 2009
sabi sabi 09-16 february sightings

A good week last week.  Even with the heavy rainfall and thick bush, we were still able to have excellent game viewing and the general game was fantastic with good sightings of giraffe and zebra.


On two days last week we had two prides on the reserve at the same time.  The Lisbon Pride has managed to cross the raging Sabi River and put in an appearance after being missing for a while.  6 sightings last week.


13 sightings.  We have managed to see the leopards really well as they prefer to walk on roads while the grass is so thick.


Good sightings as usual of the bulls wallowing in the mud wallows.  13 sightings last week.

white rhino

Rhino continue to give great viewing opportunities.  13 last sightings last week.


Sabi Sabi is teeming with elephants!  We are viewing herds with young babies, small bachelor groups and solitary bulls!  31 sightings.

unusual sightings

1 Serval was spotted last week.

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