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january 2009
sabi sabi 21-31 january sightings

A fantastic week of sightings, with lots of lions on the reserve and the wild dogs revisiting our impala population.  Leopard sightings have been good with a healthy cub being viewed regularly.


10 sightings last week. The Northern pride (3 females, 10 cubs plus 2 dominant males) has been on the reserve for a while, taking advantage of an extended territory, as it seems the Southern pride is trapped on the Southern side of the Sabi River due to the high water level. Without any competition, the Northern pride is hunting successfully – we will watch with interest what happens when the Southern Pride returns. 


Even with the tall grass and dense bush we are still enjoying fantastic leopard sightings.  There were 14 sightings, including 2 sightings of a female with her 5 month old cub.


We have had interesting viewings of groups of bulls as they wallow in the numerous muddy pans. Several buffalo bulls have become frequent visitors to the waterhole in front of Bush Lodge.  25 sightings last week.

white rhino

The rhino seem to be congregating in larger groups now, presumably for safety, as the grass is so tall they cannot easily see predators.  18 sightings.


There have been excellent sightings of breeding herds and of solitary as well as groups of males.  The Marula fruits are still dropping off the trees so there is a lot of elephant movement to the crests where the trees grow.  18 sightings last week.

wild dog

The wild dogs bring chaos whenever they are on the Sabi Sabi Reserve. We have seen them killing several impala and chasing leopards up trees.  5 really exciting sightings.

unusual sightings

The rangers found a huge African Rock Python, estimated about 4 meters long.

A Honey Badger was seen as he was searching for grubs in the soil.

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