safari bush sightings

january 2009
sabi sabi 12-20 january sightings

Due to the excellent summer rains, the bush is very thick and healthy. There have been some great sightings and we have been finding a lot of animals close to the watering holes.


9 sightings last week. We have had sightings of rogue males coming through the reserve as well as sightings of a large pride, including young cubs.


There were some wonderful leopard sightings.  We are now regularly seeing a female with her cub. Some of our guests also saw leopards mating.  12 sightings last week.


Last week we had sightings of several large groups of bulls.  16 sightings in total.

white rhino

Good sightings in the open areas with some nice interactions between the rhino.  16 sightings last week.


There have been excellent sightings of small breeding herds and of solitary males as well as groups of males.  The Marula fruits are dropping off the trees so there is a lot of an elephant movement to the crests where the Marulas grow.  19 sightings last week.

wild dog

Amazing sightings of a wild dog pack. Two rangers and their guests were very lucky to have witnessed a kill as the pack successfully hunted an impala.  3 sightings last week.

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