safari bush sightings

january 2009
sabi sabi 05-12 january sightings

Despite heavy rainfalls and high temperatures we have had excellent viewing on game drives.  The wild dogs made an appearance again and provided us with ample evidence as to why they are considered one of the most efficient hunters on the planet.


The young males of the Southern Pride are looking very good and are developing manes.  No other males have been seen, so it appears these two may take over the pride.  7 sightings last week.


10 sightings of leopards last week, including some good sightings of a female with a cub.


The majority of sightings at the moment are of groups of bulls wallowing in watering holes.  Always great  viewing with their impressive horns.  There were 14 sightings last week.

white rhino

There were a number of good sightings of rhino in the open areas, with excellent general plains game as well.  25 rhino sightings.


After a short period when we mainly saw male elephants, the breeding herds have returned with young calves in tow!  18 great sightings.

wild dog

The ever-roaming wild dogs were back on the Sabi Sabi Reserve for a few days.  4 good sightings.

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