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death of an elephant

On the 20th of July, a huge dead bull elephant was found close to Bush Lodge.  The carcass had been commandeered by a large pride of opportunistic lions.  This particular pride had not been seen as a group for a while and we were pleased to see them together once again, with the pride numbers been increased by the addition of 10 healthy cubs.

We watched as the five adult females and two dominant males gorded themselves, the young cubs expectantly waiting on the periphery.  As soon as the elephant belly was opened, the cubs rushed to join in the feast.  In the midst of the feeding frenzy, one of the females got up, turned and called.  To our absolute delight, from out of the bushes another four very tiny cubs appeared and also jumped into the fray.  These four were really young and it was the first time that they had been seen.

All 14 cubs had survived, making this the biggest and most successful lion pride on the reserve in many years - 21 lions in total!

Hyaenas have started circling closer to the elephant remains, which may cause the lions to move off.  They have a large number of cubs to protect and the hyaenas pose a definite threat.

We will keep you posted.

Eugene Fuhri - Safari Manager

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