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It was three o'clock in the morning; the tranquillity was shattered by the territorial calls of what appeared to be three or more male Lions. This gave me something to search for at five thirty on Safari.

I set out with my merry band of lion searchers well before the others. The level of excited anticipation was high. Fresh tracks were everywhere, but no lions, it was evident that the lions were on the move. Fellow ranger Mishack, no beginner in the game of tracking, joined our search party.

Within fifteen minutes he had more tracks, at least three kilometres east of my position. These lions were moving quickly, very possibly hunting! As we approached the eastern territories, Mishack informed me that the lion tracks were over very fresh Buffalo tracks. There was also evidence that the lions had been rolling in buffalo dung to disguise their scent. The hunt was on!

A sudden crack in the bush, a snarl and deep resonating growl was all we needed. Not far to our east we could just make out the movement in the grass and the thrashing between two Magic Guarry bushes. Within seven minutes a young buffalo, not more than five months old, was reduced to bone and skin by four lions (three males and a lioness). The silence on the vehicle was eerie. This was Africa.

Jason Louw

Ranger Bush Lodge

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