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a prized sighting

This was quite a prized sighting as cheetahs are very rarely spotted.

We made our way off road to follow the three. Studying them closely, it was obvious that they had not had much to eat in a while.

The mother proceeded to make her way up termite mounds and onto fallen tree trunks to survey the surrounding area. The cubs mimicked their mother's behaviour - part of the learning curve that would enable them to survive on their own later on in life.

All of a sudden, while on a termite mound, the mother crouched down with her ears flat against her head and her tail straight as an arrow. It was then that my tracker spotted the duiker - about 30m in front of the cheetah and totally unaware of what was about to happen. The two cubs had also crouched down, just behind their mother.

Before the guests could actually position themselves for the 'right camera shot', all hell broke loose. The female cheetah suddenly dashed from her position on the termite mound and headed straight for the duiker, who now realized what was happening -unfortunately a little too late. The mother caught up with the fleeing antelope and before it could even make a noise, it was all over. The cubs, after observing all of this, made their way over to their mother and, while she was catching her breath, started to feed.

Throughout all of this, my guests were sitting and watching in awe and realizing that they had been one of the fortunate few to witness such an event - a memory created for them by Sabi Sabi that they will remember forever.

Stefan Schoeman

Ranger - Bush Lodge

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