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Only 800m east of the lodge we found the pride stalking impala on an open area. Havoc broke loose as a female killed an impala and all 18 lions tried to get a piece. The two males quickly stated their dominance and took over the show.

While all of this was going on we spotted three young cubs, hiding on the outskirts. For the past six weeks we had spotted a lone female that we later realised was hiding cubs somewhere. We soon realised that it was the first time that these three cubs were being brought to the pride to be introduced.

Within five minutes, the impala was finished and the pride calmed down. Now was the time for the cubs to approach. They were extremely scared and approached the pride cautiously after their mother called them closer. They first met up with the mother, greeted her and then got the go ahead to meet the others. They slowly approached each member of the pride, rubbing against them to forge new bonds.

One female was a bit aggressive but soon welcomed them into the pride. The stressful moment was over, the cubs returned to their mother. She welcomed them back with a sigh of relief, groomed them and then gave them a well deserved suckle.

Written by

Inneke Gouws

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