Birds In Flight

I’m sure you have always looked at photos of birds flying and thought, wow, how lucky was that capture!

In truth, taking a photo of a bird in flight is not really about luck, but more about technique!

Let me explain…

In order to capture an image of a bird in flight you need to freeze the motion of the bird. This is achieved by using a quick shutter speed. In order to capture this picture you will need a shutter speed of no less than 1/1000sec (depending on the wing speed of the bird), and a higher aperture to ensure everything is in focus (f8 should be sufficient). You can achieve such high shutter speeds at high apertures by photographing in good light with a higher ISO.


Furthermore, set your camera to continuous focus and try following the bird with your camera; in other words, move with it. Be sure to keep your focus point on the bird at all times and snap away!

With a bit of practice you will soon be getting clear photos of birds in flight.

Live curiously.

Calvin Kotze

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