safari weddings - an experience out of africa

African weddings are becoming increasingly popular the world over. This continent has long held a sense of mysticism and magic that enchants and delights people across the globe.

the peculiarities of an african wedding

With its rich and diverse cultural heritage, Africa is a land where marriage traditions may seem bizarre, romantic, lavish or peculiar. Perhaps even all of these things simultaneously.

In some African traditions, a young girl's family may arrange her marriage many years before she is old enough to wed, in others, prospective grooms must pay his for his future wife with sheep or cattle. Wedding ceremonies in Africa are grand affairs, often lasting many days. They are festivals celebrating not only the union of man and wife but also that of their respective families. Entire villages might celebrate together and in certain instances, weddings may involve many couples who tie the knot simultaneously in a sort of mass wedding. Marriage is a sacred institution the world over, and especially so in Africa.

romantic south african wedding venues

Besides the rich tradition of African weddings, the continent also offers a wide range of very unique wedding locations. South Africa, a country of diversity, is one of the most renowned places in Africa when it comes to weddings. South African wedding venues range from sandy beaches, mountain-tops, the unspoilt bushveld or the historic winelands - no matter what your dream wedding encompasses you will find a South African wedding venue that is perfect for you.

safari weddings

Perhaps the most unique of all these options, the African Safari wedding is something you simply cannot experience anywhere else in the world. Drawing on the mystique of African explorations of a bygone era, an African safari affords the opportunity for visitors to experience the splendours of the African bush and get a feel for the warm hospitality of the people who live on and love the African continent.

very special wedding guests

Besides their world-class cuisine and fantastic luxury accommodation, South African wedding venues geared to safari weddings offer game viewing possibilities unlike anything in any other part of the world.

How many people get to boast at their 10th anniversary that among the guests at their wedding was the king of the African bushveld? Perhaps his roar might be the distant accompaniment to the string quartet as the deep red African sun sinks beyond the horizon.

a south african honeymoon

Another of benefit of selecting a South African safari wedding venue is that you will already be at one of the world's premium honeymoon locations. No worrying about rushing off to that airport for a flight or any of the other travel trials that many honeymooners face. As soon as you've both said "I do" you're already on honeymoon!

Peace, privacy and tranquillity in stunningly beautiful surroundings; half the recipe for a perfect honeymoon. And the other half? Well, that’s entirely up to the newlyweds!

A wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. An African Safari could be one of the best experiences of your life. By combining the two, you unlock the potential to create a day that will last forever in the memory and be worthy of the title, "The Greatest Day Of Our Lives".

sabi sabi - safari wedding specialists

Sabi Sabi, set in the Sabi Sands game reserve, is an exquisite South African wedding venue. Whether you are looking for a South African wedding venue or an African honeymoon destination, Sabi Sabi will treat you to the most luxurious and adventurous experience imaginable. An addictive combination of wild Africa and luxurious opulence awaits guests who are treated like royalty. Sit back, relax and leave the wedding preparations up to their experts whilst you enjoy massages, sunset cocktails and game drives. View our safari wedding and honeymoon programs.

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