earth lodge

December 2002

Earth Lodge is a sanctuary. Uniquely so, as it is for both humans and animals. For the former it is a retreat to the wilderness. For the latter, part of a vast conservation known as Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve.

The Lodge's organic architecture is completely respectful of the environment. While submerged in nature, its size and form never intrude on its magnificent host.

The entire lodge features an unusual, unadorned finish that has been achieved by blending natural elements such as straw, stone and pigment into the cement plaster. The natural bush vegetation that grows right up to the lodge building further enhances this natural feel.

The style of the unique architecture was inspired by "Earth Shelter Architecture" from the Middle ages, where the buildings are excavated into the slope of a site, and the sand and plants are put back onto the roofs. The result is what has been termed by a visiting conservationist "the most ecologically-sensitively-designed lodge in Africa". The buildings merge so well into the landscape, they are virtually invisible.

It is this respect for the land that Earth Lodge's culture imparts on its guests. Along with its legendary Sabi Sabi safaris, the lodge's purpose is to let nothing stand in your way in re-kindling your bonds with the earth. Truly, to return to nature is to return to yourself...


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