selati camp

December 2002

To visit Selati Camp is to travel back in time. Small, exclusive and brimming with history, colonial elegance and African legend, the camp is perched near the historical Selati Railway line after which it is named.

Much has changed since the days when the line was the site of prowling lions and local travellers hid in the trees to avoid them. The railway is no more than a memory and the big game hunters banished. The lions, however, still roam. This is exactly the sort of insight you can expect from the Camp's experienced game rangers while dining in the outdoor boma on a warm night.

Nights at Selati are quiet, intimate and possessed of a rare magic. Some say it is the hand of Selati's namesake, the legendary female chief of the ancient Thubela tribe. Or perhaps it is the gentle glow of the lamps. Whatever it is, it has made Selati Camp an essential pilgrimage to romantic souls far and wide.

Fashioned in the colonial, 'Out of Africa' style, Selati nestles under majestic Acacia trees that line the Msuthlu River. Situated between the Sabie and Sand Rivers, Selati lies on an animal migration path which sees game traverse to and from the Kruger National Park and Sabi Sand Reserve. This daily search for water and food is an ancient rhythm and here it happens right around you as you sip your sundowner or wake to a dawn chorus of hundreds of bushveld birds.

Step back in time and re-live the magic and majesty of another era at Selati Camp.


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