our thanks for a most enchanting vacation

Dorothy and Jack Shannahan

After our cruise around the North Atlantic and down the west coast of Africa to Cape Town, my wife and I were fortunate to fly to one of your wonderful lodges. We have been fortunate to travel extensively for the past 50 years but never have we had such considerate, thoughtful and sensitive service as we had at Earth Lodge. In addition, the food was marvelous.

It was our pleasure while there to meet a guest from Japan. Mr. Go Yamagata has been coming to Africa for at least three months a year for the past five years. We went on several safaris together and enjoyed each others company. One evening he told us about a disappointment in Africa whereby he had been unable to film a leopard in the wild. I then mentioned that I thought Candice Pearce and Louie Vusi seemed to be an outstanding safari team. He entirely agreed and thought they were the best he had ever come across throughout Africa. I was very impressed with the fervor of his recommendation as he has had a lot more field experience.

A day later Louie was explaining the difference between a hyena's paw tracks and one of the big cats. I mentioned Yamagata's comments about looking for a leopard, and Louie acknowledged they weren't always around when you were looking for them.

Two days later on the safari, Louie asked Candice to stop the Land Rover and the two of them took the rifle and proceeded down the dusty trail for a short distance pointing to tracks in the dust. Later that evening, Louie motioned to Candice to turn right into the bush and very shortly we encountered a beautiful female leopard. Go Yamagata was delighted and took hundreds of pictures with his several large Nikon cameras. We followed along side her as she was travelling in almost a straight line for approximately half an hour.

This note to you was not intended to be so long nor about a guest. However, I will assure you his feeling about your wonderful staff and the lodge would equal our appreciation and gratitude. You have built a wonderful environmentally oriented institution and you should be very proud. We are sharing our pictures with others so if your staff would like to send a couple of your beautiful brochures, "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", we will be glad to pass them on to prospective visitors.

Again our thanks for a most enchanting vacation.


Dorothy and Jack Shannahan

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