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It has been almost two months since our stay at Sabi Sabi, and our experience still sits prominently in our minds. Our lives have forever been changed by our experiences in the bush.

Not a day goes by where our daughter doesn't speak up in class about her experiences in the bush. Her favorite story is to explain how dried hyena dung is white and can be used as chalk. She gets the most ooohs out of that one. But she also speaks frequently of the plight of the Northern White Rhino and how it is a species that is genetically extinct. She talks of war torn areas there the White Rhinos live, and that there is little being done to save them. She also speaks of the rare black rhino we were fortunate to see in Kruger. One day, seriously limping and bleeding (we thought from the parasite they commonly get) but then the next day finding this rhino lying motionless in the river bed. She speaks about this with total understanding of the circle of life and acceptance of death and how this rhino would now become part of the food chain. All of this from a seven year old!

I just spoke with her teacher, and she continues to be impressed by how much our daughter absorbed from our trip, how much detail she has retained, and the depth of her knowledge and understanding. Unfortunately, this means the teacher is frequently being interrupted by Lexie, usually to correct her about some minute detail of an animal's behavior or a story from the bush.

I can't properly explain what a life changing experience we had at Sabi Sabi. Though we were there just three short days, we learned enough for a lifetime!

Please send our best regards to Elliott and Polly, the best ranger/tracker team you could possibly have. Though we knew them only three days, and they see many guests come and go, we consider them family, a very special part of our experience, and hope to keep in touch over the years.

I have attached a few photos for them to enjoy, hopefully you can pass them along.

Thanks once again to your whole seasoned staff for a fantastic experience. Certainly an experience to last a lifetime!

Best Wishes from the cold North,

Robb, Shelley and Lexie Powers

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