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14 october 2009 - colleen dolan

community tour was one of the most significant events of the trip

Dear Marisa and Carol,
I cant begin to tell you what an absolutely fabulous time Lisa and I had visiting South Africa specifically our time with you all at Selati. We regularly share stories with our friends, families and co-workers on the wonderful experiences we had from the fabulous sights on safari, to our jokes and friendly conversation with Darren and Mike, onto our lovely dinners with you all around the campfire every night. I dont see Lisa regularly, but when I do, we ALWAYS will talk about our great adventures with you! And all our acquaintances marvel at the unbelievably fabulous pictures we've taken. They just can't quite grasp the fact that we're mere feet away from the animals.and when they see the photos of us sipping champagne out on the range well, they're simply amazed at what they're seeing! We thank you so much for helping both of us have the trip of a lifetime probably one that we'll never be able to enhance. Needless to say, we can't wait to come back!

I do have one small favor to ask. When we visited the Huntington Community neither Lisa or I brought our cameras (because we didn't want to intrude on the locals private lives). However, Claude and Jackie took several photos of us and encouraged us to share our photos. And given the fact that visiting the community was one of the most significant events of the trip, we would like to ask Claude and Jackie to share. Even though Claude gave me his business card I've scoured all my belongings and I just can't find it. I know he works for a bank and Jackie trade's a teacher but that's about it! Is there any way you could email Claude and provide him with my email address so that we can share photos? Also, I would love to have Marisa and Darren's personal email address as we have some very entertaining pictures of Darren and Mike that we took on our last day of safari. We all became quite silly that morning!

Thank you again so very much for your gracious hospitality in creating the wonderful journey I experienced! I will never forget you and can't wait to see you all again..hopefully with some of my family members! However don't forget our invitation is ALWAYS open when you come to the States (Chicago specifically). Lisa lives in the city and I live in the northern suburbs and we would show you a wonderful time the animals are not quite as interesting, but you would have fun for sure! Please know that our doors are always open to you!

Best regards to you both,

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