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24 july 2008 - andrea bassetti

something unforgettable

My name is Andrea Bassetti, and with my wife and two friends (Marcabi & Poltri) have been guests last week at Selati Camp.

I would like to thank you all and write a few words concerning our stay, and we ask you to pass this to the General Manager.

We had a great experience and everyone has been great, but we would like to thank, in particular, two persons who have really made our stay SPECIAL.  They have really left us something unforgettable inside our hearts, and this was possible only for their professionalism and passion for their job.

I can say this because I am one of the Concierge of the Westin Excelsior of Florence, which is one of the best hotels, so I know everything concerning guests and courtesy, plus it was not my first time in Africa.  I went on safari in Tanzania (Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Arusha Park, Tarangire and Maniara Lake) but they have not been as good as what we had with your employees.

The ranger's name is Miss Marelize Minnaar and her colleague was Mr Max and you can be proud to have people like them as employees.

I really would recommend Selati Camp to my friends and hotel guests.

Thank you again for the wonderful time we had.

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