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15 may 2008 - jill & derek horstemeyer

our wonderful trip

We have been home for 3 months now from our amazing trip to South Africa and Selati but continue to re-live over and over the wonderful moments and memories that we made while visiting the most beautiful spot on earth!!  Visiting South Africa and going on a safari was something that I had always dreamed of but the actual experience far exceeded the dream!!!! 

From the moment of our arrival on the airstrip to the unfortunate time of our departure we could have asked for nothing more.  The staff was brilliant in every aspect!! There was never a moment that our every possible need, desire, or comfort was not anticipated and met with exceptional service.  Hugo greeted us warmly from the start and Taryn was a huge help in assisting us as she packed our souvenirs at the end!

The accommodation was superior.  We especially enjoyed the location of our room and its outdoor tub and shower.  While Sabi Sabi does offer a variety of camps from which to choose we were so very glad that we chose Selati.  We felt that it was in keeping with what we imagined a "traditional" safari camp to be.  The gas lanterns in the evenings contributed to making for a cozy atmosphere.  We enjoyed the small, intimate size of the camp and felt that it made for a more personal experience.   

The meals were amazing!  We never expected such an abundance of delicious food not to mention how beautifully it was prepared and presented.  Having the staff join us at meal time, once again, made for a more personal and educational experience.

The game drives were absolutely out of this world!!!  I feel sure that Ian, Martin, KG and Million all thought that I was an insane person as I always wore a grin on my face extending from ear to ear.  I was blown away by the beauty of all these animals out in their natural habitat.  An especially unexpected treat was being able to go along for the rhino tagging and being invited to ride along in the helicopter!  If seeing these creatures on land wasn't enough, viewing them from the air was nothing short of spectacular!!  All of these creatures, even down to the dung beetles, were a magnificent sight to behold.  Prior to our trip I did not anticipate at all the number of birds that we would see.  I arrived anticipating only the excitement of seeing large animals and had no idea that the birds, insects, plant life, and the night sky would all have me equally as fascinated.  I owe all of my thanks to our trackers and guides as their knowledge was boundless.  I have an entire journal filled with all the amazing facts and information that they taught us so that I will never forget a moment of our experience.

Since arriving home I have printed out nearly 2500 pictures from our trip with each one being more amazing than the last.  I spent nearly 9 hours at our local photo shop enhancing, zooming and cropping our photos while tears streamed down my face!!!  There isn't a soul here in our hometown of, South Carolina that has been able to escape my tales of our trip or our volumes of photo albums.

This was by far the most brilliant trip I have ever been on and I cannot imagine a trip any other place in the world touching me the way that this one did.  My many thanks to you all for contributing to make this such a special occasion for us.  I went to South Africa expecting it to be a once in a life time trip but I came home knowing that once in a life time will not be enough for me!

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