sabi sabi ranger gallery: richard de gouveia

richard de gouveia

Richard started out his career as an environmental consultant, conducting environmental impact assessments for various companies. He had always been drawn to the bush and eventually, in 2009, decided to change direction and pursue a career in guiding.

He completed a 6 month live-in safari course with Bushwise and went to work at a lodge in the Kruger National Park before moving on to Sabi Sabi. In a short period of time Richard has qualified himself as a FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) level 2 guide and is already in pursuit of the next level.

His passion for the bush extends way past just viewing the animals and is cemented in exploring the connection between the living and non-living elements of the bush. His favourite bushveld creature is without doubt the leopard, followed closely by the termite - which can only be understood after listening to Richards's in-depth explanation of both species.

His love of the bush is matched by his interest in photography - Richard really wants his guests to enjoy taking photos and tries to help them make the most of their camera equipment. It is his goal to have his guests leave with a deeper appreciation of all aspects of the bushveld, as well as with memorable photos of their time on safari.

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