sabi sabi ranger gallery: jaap van dijk

Jaap van Dijk

Although Jaap's family was originally from Holland, his parents met in South Africa while living here. During their time in this country they took him to Kruger National Park quite often and Jaap was hooked: he insisted that he would one day become a game ranger.

Jaap and his family returned to Holland and it was there that he attained his Degree in Physical education.

In 2007 he pursued his dream of returning to Africa and for several years worked in southern Tanzania at three different lodges, first as a game ranger and then as assistant lodge manager. He wanted to broaden his horizons and jumped at the opportunity of working at Sabi Sabi as a game ranger.

Jaap has his FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) level 1 and full trails guide qualification. He has a keen interest in insects, frogs and birds and is becoming quite an expert at mimicking birdcalls.

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