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Richard de Gouveia

buffalo vs lion cubs

Thumbnail image for buffalo vs lion cubs by Richard de Gouveia February 2, 2014

The weather over the last few days had been gloomy at best but we had managed to fight our way through it. The rain was misting down on us but our spirits were high. I was looking to find some giraffe for the guests and as we came around the corner there was a beautiful […]

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2013 – a year to remember

Thumbnail image for 2013 – a year to remember by Richard de Gouveia January 14, 2014

This year has just flown by, leaving me with memories that will forever be etched in my mind. Sabi Sabi is a magical place that I have had the privilege to be apart of for over 4 years and have been able to share with countless guests. From the amazing lodges, each with their own […]

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wildebeest welcomed to the world

Thumbnail image for wildebeest welcomed to the world by Richard de Gouveia December 12, 2013

I was thinking to myself a couple days ago that I had been unlucky this year not to have witnessed any births and I was a little glum that I didn’t get the opportunity. Little did I know that that was all about to change. Jabu had been out on a walk and as he […]

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what did we walk into?

Thumbnail image for what did we walk into? by Richard de Gouveia November 6, 2013

As a part of our training we are always trying to get a better understanding of all that surrounds us. As part of the guest experience, the guests are offered a nature walk after breakfast, which is aimed at looking at the smaller intricacies that nature has to offer. Now although we don’t look for […]

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behind enemy lines

Thumbnail image for behind enemy lines by Richard de Gouveia October 21, 2013

Over the last few months we have watched as Maxabeni and Mahlathini males have jostled for territory. Even though Maxabeni has had the upper hand and almost killed Mahlathini the last time they fought. This has not deterred him from pushing back and trying to hold on to the territory he has just set up. […]

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eaten alive

Thumbnail image for eaten alive by Richard de Gouveia October 10, 2013

Graphic content warning! The guests had all gone to bed and it was time for a last drink with the rangers before retreating to the covers for a good night sleep before the next morning’s drive. While discussing the days events, Kevin’s phone started to ring and upon answering his facial expressions changed and he […]

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litter of little lions

Thumbnail image for litter of little lions by Richard de Gouveia September 30, 2013

A beautiful morning in the bush, greeted by the sight of the Kruger male and one of the Southern Pride lionesses and her cubs. We had literally driven 300 metres out of Bush Lodge when we found them all sleeping next to the road and the rambunctious cubs played with a log. They pounced all […]

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herding cats

Thumbnail image for herding cats by Richard de Gouveia September 2, 2013

“Rich for Kevin…you can make your approach…” the call came in over the radio as we waited patiently to get in to see Mahlathini and Little Bush female mating. The excitement started to course through my veins and the guests were oblivious to the amazing spectacle that they were about to witness…but little did I […]

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save the rhino

Thumbnail image for save the rhino by Richard de Gouveia August 29, 2013

The Southern White rhino was thought to have gone extinct in the late 19th century before a small group of less than 100 were found in 1895 and resulted in one of the greatest conservation stories as the numbers were brought back up to nearly 20,000 today. Unfortunately we have slipped back into the greed […]

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stellar performance

Thumbnail image for stellar performance by Richard de Gouveia August 9, 2013

There are few things more beautiful than looking up at the night sky and seeing the Milky Way stretching across the sky. The absolute abyss of the universe dwarfs us into something so small that it is inconceivable to understand all that is. I have been driving a photographic group for a few days and […]

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