family values

southern pride grooming at Sabi sabi luxury safari lodges

There are still no new developments with the lion saga here at Sabi Sabi. The main players seem to be buying time at the moment as there has been no further interaction since the last blog was posted. Throughout all of the recent happenings, the Southern Pride females have kept to themselves, no doubt trying… [Read More]

battle stations

kruger male lion at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

In a tumultuous morning of lion interaction, the Kruger male finally caught up with Solo and the Eyrefield male. What transpired however was unexpected and still left us wondering what the future holds for the lions of Sabi Sabi. The morning began like any other. Land Rovers filled with excited guests left their respective lodges… [Read More]

i thought i saw a puddy cat

leopard with a kill in the tree while on safari at sabi sabi

The last few days have seen a spate of cat sightings that has left the rangers and guests extremely pleased with their safaris! The catalyst for this feline extravaganza: the Sparta males. Their presence has meant that the Southern Pride has been AWOL for a while now, doing everything they can to avoid these intruding… [Read More]

this! is! sparta!

kruger male lion at Sabi Sabi

Ok, so the line from 300 might be a little cheesy or perhaps even lost on some of you but the parallels are rather relevant at the moment. The dynamics of the lion population at Sabi Sabi has been crying out for change of late. The epic nature of the Southern Pride’s reign has limited… [Read More]