A Week in the Bush Vol. 72

08Kyle - 4 ways sunset-4

Well another week has flown by and the heat has certainly intensified with the temperatures regularly hitting the early to mid-40 degrees centigrade. With these temperatures, game viewing has still been really good, especially at the waterholes. Animals which are dependent on water will congregate around these water sources and also is an opportunity for… [Read More]

Monochrome Monday #42

03Mike Palmer - Big Doggies

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.  – Alfred Stieglitz Africa is larger than life and many people that visit our beautiful part of Africa will agree with this statement.  It is easy for us to take it for granted, being absorbed by it day in and… [Read More]

A Week in the Bush Vol. 71

06Pravir Patel Lion01 290915

The moment you think you understand nature, it surprises you with mind blowing moments! This week in the bush has just proven to us all that we will never be able to predict anything that happens out here. It’s been more than a year now since we last saw Solo and the Kruger male lion… [Read More]

The boundary

06 - IMG_5045

Boundaries; for some people they are seen as a challenge and for others they create stability. In life, most boundaries are there to test your restraint, not your perseverance, but this is not a typical boundary. In this boundary you are challenged mentally and physically and in doing so, cement the stability of a team,… [Read More]