my weeks highlights at sabi sabi private game reserve

My week’s highlight has got to be the herd of zebra that were drinking water right in front of our eyes. In the distance, on our northern side of the reserve, my tracker Louis spotted a beautiful Dazzle of Zebra slowly making their way towards a waterhole nearby. I spoke to my guests and explained that patience is the key to having a successful sighting and after a few minutes the big male stallion led his harem right towards us at the waterhole and left my guests snapping away with their cameras as we viewed these incredible animals having their daily drink of water.

zebra at a water hole while on safari at sabi sabi private game reserve

One of the most exciting parts of the game drive is when we have the opportunity of stopping off at a beautiful view point as we watch the sun set to end off another fantastic day on the reserve. We all grab a refreshing drink and stare into the distance capturing the last few moments of light. This photo was taken when I had a photographic challenge against all of my guests and in my opinion it was a tie between all of the competitors.

African Sunset while on safari at Sabi Sabi

This beautiful male cheetah was found on the open Marula Plains area busy keeping a very watchful eye over a small herd of impala in the distance. The wind direction was blowing into his face, leaving the impala totally unaware of his presence. This male then slowly moved towards the herd, keeping low and silent with each step he took. The next move of his was to our total surprise when he started rolling in the course dry sand on the road we were on. He was doing this to try rub off some of his scent which would then be to his advantage to move without being noticed. We ended up leaving him lying down on a very old and well used termite mound and it seemed that he was ready to rest in the shade until the heat of the day was over.

cheetah while on safari at sabi sabi luxury safari lodges

My weeks highlight came to a closing end when I pulled into a sighting which completely blew my guests away. We stopped at a very beautiful waterhole which was surrounded by a herd of approximately 250 buffalo that were led by the female Pathfinders in the herd to allow this huge herd to have their share of water for the day. This herd was extremely vocal and we viewed some young calves playing in the water while other buffalo were chasing one other and it closed off my amazing experience with a memory that will never fade.

buffalo while on safari at Sabi Sabi



  1. wendy hawkins says

    Thanks Marcus, that was a fantastic “trip” into the bush for me! If I had to judge these, I think Cheetah, then Sunset, Zebra & Buffalo! But I have one complaint, there are not enough pictures – a week has 7 days and there must be lots more in your stash that you need to share with us “armchair” bushbabies??? Look forward to seeing more soon :)


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