is the little bush cub still alive?

Only time will tell if the Little Bush female’s cub is still alive. The mother and cub have been thriving on the Sabi Sabi property. The Little Bush female has proven to be an extremely devoted mother and fierce in the defense of her offspring.

Little Bush female leopard while on a night safari at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

She has been killing regularly which means that the young leopard has been growing and keeping healthy. In the last few days the Little Bush female was successful in bringing down a bushbuck in front of Selati Camp, affording the lucky guests the privilege of seeing this beautiful female and her cub from the lodge deck as they fed on their prey.

leopard cub while on safari at Sabi Sabi Luxury Safari Lodges

After a few days of feeding on their kill, events took a dramatic turn as the Nottins female moved into the area. Everyone was wondering if the Nottins female would become aware of the intruder in her territory. An altercation between the two fierce female leopards proved inevitable as the Nottins female dropped down into the drainage line where the Little Bush female was concealing her kill, as well as her small cub. In the minutes that followed, an epic battle took place between the rivals, one in defense of her cub and the other evicting an intruder from her territory.

The vicious sounds of two leopards attacking each other could be heard throughout the drainage line.

In the time following the altercation, we have witnessed the Little Bush female in the drainage line constantly contact calling for her cub. She has also been heard calling loud territorial calls, but there has been no sign yet of the cub itself. We are ever hopeful that the cub is well and that is shows itself soon.

leopard cub while on safari at Sabi Sabi Luxury Safari Lodges




  1. tina greeff says

    Hope the little cub is still alive and well.Please let us know more about this very sad little story – hopefully with a happy ending

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